Unable to access Sonar analysis

Sonar is analyzing our Python code. In the output, it shows the link to access the result of its analysis. But when I click the link, I see dialog saying “You are not authorized to access this page. Please log in with more privileges and try again.”. Then I can choose a provider to connect. I chose Azure DevOps. It moves to the identification page of my enterprise but after half a second later, I am moved back to the page displaying the text message I mentioned above.

Can you help me with this issue?


Welcome to the community!

I think the first thing to do is contact your SonarCloud organization administrators & establish that you belong to the organization and do / should have permissions to view that project.

That URL you’re seeing at the end of analysis is provided as a standard courtesy, with of course no way of knowing whether any particular reader has access to the project in question.