Can't Analyze a Project with Gitlab


I’m trying to get my organization started with Sonarcloud by documenting how developers will use it. When selecting the “Analyze a project” button and navigating to that page I’m experiencing an issue. I select my organization and it prompts me to login. We’re using Gitlab, so I select the Gitlab button. At this time it takes me back to the “Select an organization” page. I’ve done this 10+ times and it’s just an endless loop between selecting the organization and trying to sign in using Gitlab.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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I would try in an incognito window to see what happens with perfectly clean cookies.

That said, I’m confused about this sentence in your post:

I don’t know of a flow where such prompt would happen. Can you please share a screenshot of before selecting the organization and after, to make sure I understand on which page you are?

Hi Janos,

I tried with an incognito window and am still experiencing the same issue. Here is a screenshot of what I see after trying to analyze a project.

From the drop-down I select my organization and it brings up this:

We’re using GitLab, so I click on “With GitLab”. It then brings me back to the first page shown in the first screenshot prompting me to select my organization again.

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Hi James!
This is weird, it’s like if you were redirected because you are trying to access something that you don’t have permissions.

Do you still have the issue or were you able to solve it ?
If not could you share what are the logs showing in your browser’s developer tools ? Both in the console and in the network tab ?

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