Cannot set project with Gitlab - sessions/unauthorized


I have an issue with using SonarCloud with Gitlab.

I am trying to login with my Gitlab account and I am keep being redirected to
No idea what is going on and how to solve it?

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ā€¦same for meā€¦

We are experiencing this same issue and it is affecting all of our platforms. Any and all attention to this is greatly appreciated.


I am also having the same issue as well. I cannot log into my sonarcloud account with my Gitlab user information. I get an unathorized user error. Is there an internal issue with SonarCloud and Gitlab? Please consider this a high priority.

Thank you

On the status page you can find the status of the issue. It is under investigation since yesterday so I would say it is not high priority :frowning:

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Same problem here :frowning: it seems a problem with the GitLab Authorizartion API. I hope you fix it soon

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Is anyone aware of how to escalate this to a higher priority given the urgency and impact? This is critical path for our platforms in the public transportation sector.

Good morning,

We are aware of the situation and are working on it right now.

Sorry for the incovenience.

You can monitor the status of the incident at

Good morning again,

A fix is underway, it should be deployed this afternoon.


Good to know!

The issue has been resolved.

Sorry again for the incovenience.