What is the best way to set up a stage instance to test update content

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to set up a stage instance to test any sonarqube version upgrade on a separate sonarqube instance with the same capability, ie same rule set as the paid license, without paying additional cost for it?



Yes, this is entirely possible. The only thing that doesn’t work when you don’t have a valid license for a commercial edition is that you can’t run new analyses.

So you can absolutely test the migration on a staging instance without an additional license.


Does that mean with a valid license for a commercial edition, I am able to run new analysis?


Yes, of course.


Hmm can you help me understand the difference between a stage license and a commercial license? What kind of limitation does it stage license have? It sounds like there is really no difference.


I’m confused. The initial question was:

I assumed that meant you wanted to test migration with a copy of your DB and an unlicensed, commercial copy of SonarQube. And that’s the question I answered.

Then you asked about running analysis on a licensed instance → a valid license means everything works.

I’m not sure where staging licenses come into that, but if you have access to one, then by all means use it. You will even be able to test analyzing against the upgraded server to see how/whether your issues change .

What’s the difference between a production and a staging license? Mainly intent.



you didn’t mention which Sonarqube edition you use.
We’re on Sonarqube Enterprise and the Enterprise edition includes two test/staging instances.
These additional instances have no resctrictions compared to the main instance.
You should always use a copy of your production database in one staging instance to test the db migration if on Enterprise!

Don’t know about Developer edition but i understand Ann’s answer like that =
it’s possible with any edition (Community, Developer …) to test the update with a copy of your db.
If Developer edition doesn’t provide additional test/staging instances it’s just that you’re
not able to do an analysis on a second staging instance, but you’re able to test if the update works.


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My apologies. I didn’t mean to make my question confusing. I have a running instance Sonarqube enterprise edition. I was told that I could set up a stage instance but I wasn’t sure how people usually set that one up. I thought I should create an entirely new set of infrastructure for this stage instance, including a new database, but that seems to be wrong. Sounds like I should create a clone of the production sonarqube database for the stage instance of sonarqube. Is that right?

As Enterprise customer, your Sonarsource sales contact should have sent you an email with licenses for 1 production and two staging instances.
Every instance should have its own server and database, don’t mix em up.

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@Rebse if I want the staging instance to import a gitlab project that has already been imported into the production instance, how should I modify the CICD variables?

Don’t know much about Gitlab, as we use Jenkins Enterprise.
But i guess it’s similar to Jenkins, means there is some tool configuration where you need to add the
Sonarqube staging instance (url, credentials=token) - in Jenkins it’s done via Sonarqube for Jenkins plugin.
As every Sonarqube instance uses its own database there’s no overlap with other projects
already imported into the Sonarqube production instance.
A Sonarqube instance is / should be independent from other Sonarqube instances, means it has
its own server and database.