What is purpose of setting up Sonarqube in Kubernetes if CE, dev, enterprise can't scale

I am trying to figure out which editions of Sonarqube support:

  1. High availability
  2. High scalability

So far I understand that only Data Center edition actually supports high availability and scalability.
But I also came across this documentation which says “How to deploy Sonarqube on Kubernetes” and that page is meant just for Sonarqube CE, developer and enterprise edition.


  1. If CE, developer and enterprise editions do not support high availability why would one set up these editions on Kubernetes?
  2. Won’t the Kubernetes cluster help with availability and scalability? OR what you are saying is that we cannot run more than 1 instance of app or search or database node even if installed in Kubernetes?

Please help with this as I’m really confused. Probably the documentation for setting up Sonarqube CE, developer and enterprise edition needs to be more comprehensive in this regards.

Users expressed the need to be able to deploy SonarQube like other applications they are deploying in Kubernetes, which is why we made this available for Editions of SonarQube that don’t offer high-availability or node scaling. Only Data Center Edition supports this.


Noted. Thank you @Colin .

Hi Abhijeet and Colin, I have the same question. So to clarify, if we deployed Developer Edition to Kubernetes, we can only scale it to 1 pod or if we do scale to more pods it won’t make any difference and it will be the same as running 1 pod?

While you can try to scale it – it will result in an unstable instance (so please don’t).