Setting up Sonarqube instance in kubernetes

Hello Team,

I’m hosting Sonarqube 8.5 in kubernetes with developer edition so is it fine to have one replica of sonarqube pod with 2 replicas of DB pod? or is it necessary to have only one replica of sonarqube pod with 1 replica of DB pod?

Hi @Ramya_Yarru ,

while we are not recommending running sonarqube on k8s and it is not yet officially supported, but there are some people that are already running sonarqube successfully on k8s.
i would advise you to not scale up the sonarqube instance (so lock it to 1) and the database can be clustered as you like as long there is a reliable connection from sonarqube to the db cluster.

hope that helps in your decision

Thanks for the information, that’s helpful !

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