I am facing deploying sonarqube in Kubernetes

Version: 8.9
Deployed by : Helm
We are trying to setup sonarqube in kubernetes
We have tried deploying sonarqube in containers by Helm( current kube version 1.21.0). But currently facing issues with:

Elasticsearch: Waiting to be up and running. We tried to setup readiness probe as per the suggested guidelines. Also we checked the resource memory and cpu usage which is up to the limit.

The pods are showing as running but the container is not ready.

Please suggest how we can solve this.


It’s not clear to me why you would be setting up a new instance(?) with version 8.9, which is EOL.

SonarQube 9.9.1 is the current LTS, and 10.0 is the latest version. Please try with the official helm chart for one of those versions and let us know if the problem persists.