What does the "docker" entry on system info site actually mean?

Hi. I’m using the docker image for SonarQube 8.2 Enterprise Edition and I just wondered what the red cross on the system info site regarding “docker” means.
I am running SonarQube inside a docker container so I thought it should be a green check mark.
Speaking about this site “/admin/system?expand=System”

You know what I mean?

Hi. That means that the docker detection is not working, nothing to worry about on your side. Is this an official image ? what is the sha256 of the image you use ?

docker inspect <container name> | grep Image


It is the official image pulled from docker hub. Here an extract from docker image inspect sonarqube:8.2-enterprise:

"Id": "sha256:fcc0cef885e631e0e2b70f1ec40ae58940f574c7d0ad9b363c0388bb489926cc",
"RepoTags": [
"RepoDigests": [
"Parent": "",
"Comment": "",
"Created": "2020-04-17T10:08:17.006408487Z",
"Container": "ee9a967b94bd2ba27c7a3eb805566a18cebbdf6cad21351b3b296e613b64f69c"

The running container uses that image.