Enable to get system info with rancher is connected with docker?

Hello Everyone,

Minor issue detected on Sonarqube 8.6.1 (Community Edition) Docker Running on Rancher. On Administration > system, the “Docker” section is red (Which means that the system is not running over docker, I guess).

When I run the same Image on my linux machine, the Docker section appears OK.

Rancher v2.5.5

Thanks In Advance
Regards: Zaina

Hello @zainalee ,

welcome to the community :wave:

thank you for reporting this. The check really just checks if the container is running on docker and not if its running on any other container runtime. as with rancher you are probably running directly on containerd or cri-o and not on docker the check can not detect this.

i will bring this up once again internally and see how we can proceed on this as detecting only docker does not seem useful in 2021 anymore.