What database SonarCloud use?

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We have decided to move to Sonar cloud after testing few test projects on it . Before that , I have one questions . While hosting SonarQube , we have managed our own database for our projects , and also was managing upgrade process.

What database sonar cloud uses to store our project data ? How will it be managed in terms of upgrade?

I will be appreciative for your response.

Anjali Tandel

SonarCloud happens to use Postgres in the backend… but it really isn’t important, because you’ll never interact directly with the database. It could change at any time (it probably won’t).

If the database needs upgraded, we’ll do it as a part of running the service.

Thank you for quick response.
Still I wanted to know the difference .Is that managed by sonar source ? And compared to SonarQube how it is different ?


There is a single database that handles all SonarCloud organizations, managed by SonarSource.

SonarCloud is targeted for users with workflows that already take place in the cloud (using SaaS versions of DevOps platforms). They share the same analysis engine, but there are some differences in features (we plan to narrow the gap). I don’t have an extensive list to share.

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