Sonarqube on Azure SQL

We are planning to create two new Sonarqube instances using the LTS Version and the latest version repectively. Because we use Azure we are thinking of using Azure SQL.
(The instances will stay in a AKS container and the databases will be managed services).
We have a rule that says that we should not use PostgreSQL. I see that Azure SQL is based on the LTS version of Microsoft SQL Server(2019/MSSQL Server 15.0, at the moment) which is recommended by Sonarqube.

Will Sonarqube work with Azure SQL?
Will we continue to get support for this implementation (we have an Enterprise plan)?

Thank you in advance,

Hey there.

Yes, SonarQube will work with Azure SQL. It’s difficult for us to feel comfortable declaring support in our requirements for it because something could change tomorrow that makes it not work (however unlikely that is).

That being said, many deployments are successfully using Azure SQL, and you should feel confident doing so.