What are these warnings in the logs regarding the Quality Gate and our Applications?

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • SonarQube 9.2.4 (build 50792)

I am seeing the following in our logs several times a day for most our applications

ce[AYKm9JsmWxPLtKqCqM7G][c.sonarsource.H.F.D] Previous Quality gate status for view sample-application is not a supported value. Can not compute Quality Gate event

I don’t see anything else in the log that would indicate what the unsupported value is. Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

Are there possibly projects that have not been analyzed for a long time (or since many SonarQube versions ago), or portfolios that have not been recomputed?

We have only been on one version of SonarQube. Also, we do not have Portfolios and only Applications at this time.


I would reccomend upgrading to the latest version of SonarQube (v9.6) and, if the issue persists, we’ll flag this thread for expert attention. v9.2.4 is an EOL version of SonarQube.

Thanks Colin! We are planning on upgrading in Q4, will follow back up.