Sonarqube quality gate is passed in project overview but is failed in activity

we have an game-job project that SonarQube quality gate is Passed in project overview but the quality gate status is failed in activity

our sonarqube is Community Edition Version 8.0


It would be interesting to know what failure condition you get when you mouseover the Quality Gate event in the Activity page. At a guess, it’s issue-based.

When you update issues - say mark one False Positive - issue counts, and Quality Gate status are updated on the fly. But that update doesn’t show up on the Activity page because the Activity page shows analyses.


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Thank you for your answer, which helped me solve the problem that has been confused for a long time!

But Is there any other way to unify the quality gate status in the overview page and the activity page,besides performing sonar analysis?

Is there any other way to view the quality gate status of sonarqube historical analysis, such as sql, web api, etc?



Good questions! Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’.


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Thank you again

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