Quality Gate condition - Warning

SonarQube CE LTS 8.9.0, upgraded from 7.9.6 LTS (and 6.7.7 / 5.6.7 / 4.5.7 / 4.5.1 years prior).

Post upgrade, two projects which admittedly have not been scanned years, suddenly appear with Quality Gate flagged as “Warning”.

Projects are using the "Sonar Way (DEFAULT BUILT-IN) gate.

As far as I recall, I have never even seen Warning" or knew you could configure a Gate value to be Warning. Since we are not aware any “Warning Gate” existed, when will the filter disappear “when no Warning Quality Gate remains” ?


While the “Warning” is evidently for “Bugs”, we have no idea what threshold/issues are meeting that condition. Maybe it’s a math problem?

Hey there.

Quality Gates were simplified in SonarQube v7.6

Quality Gates Simplified
Quality Gates have been streamlined to remove a number of confusing options. Conditions previously using the “on new code” checkbox will be migrated to On New Code metrics. For example, a condition previously using the overall Coverage metric with the “on new code” checkbox enabled will be migrated to a condition using the Coverage on New Code metric. The ability to set Warning conditions has been dropped, as have some metric/operator conditions have been removed. Conditions using dropped options will be removed in the upgrade. (MMF-473)

So these projects look to be left over from such a time when a project could have a QG status of “warning”. Reanalyzing or deleting the projects will make the filter go away.

Well, the thing is we never recall seeing a Gate state of “Warning” before, definitely not in 7.9.6, jsut before upgrading. We do not recall setting any “Warning Gate”. As we are using “Sonar Way” (default, built-in), we should not suddenly be seeing a state post-upgrade, which we did not see before.

We do understand the instructions to “make it go away”, just we should not see such surprises post-upgrade.