Quality gates issue in 7.9 LTS

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SonarQube -7.9.3 - LTS
Qulaity Gates - While setting up the quality gates condition, we did not see warning option only metric, operator and error option are available.

But we can see warning in 6.7.X LTS.

Please suggest

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  • potential workaround

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Hi there.

Warning Conditions have been dropped, as noted in the Upgrade Notes

Release 7.6 Upgrade Notes

Quality Gates Simplified
Quality Gates have been streamlined to remove a number of confusing options. Conditions previously using the “on new code” checkbox will be migrated to On New Code metrics. For example, a condition previously using the overall Coverage metric with the “on new code” checkbox enabled will be migrated to a condition using the Coverage on New Code metric. The ability to set Warning conditions has been dropped, as have some metric/operator conditions have been removed. Conditions using dropped options will be removed in the upgrade. (MMF-473)

Hi Colin,

Thank you for the update.

Best Regards,
Lakshmi Ganapathi