What all does deleting an Application's analysis effect?

V9.9.3 - Enterprise Edition
Deployed with docker

If I delete a single analysis of an Application by key using the SonarQube Web API /api/project_analyses/delete, does this only effect the Application’s Activity tab, or could it effect anything else including:

  • The issues visible in the Application’s Issue tab
  • The actual number of issues in any of the Application’s Component Projects
  • Backdating of issues either in the Application or in its Component Projects

(I am trying to reduce the amount of time needed for a large Application’s Activity tab graphs to load by deleting old analyses and I want to be sure I’m not about to break something - Related: SonarQube Applicatiion Activity Tab Graphs Very Slow to Load - #4 by steve.marion - I am open to other suggestions if they exist)


This only affects the Application’s Activity tab (the historical data). SonarQube won’t let you delete the most recent analysis.

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