SonarQube Applicatiion Activity Tab Graphs Very Slow to Load

  • Using SonarQube Server Version 9.9.3 (Enterprise Edition)
  • Deployed with: Docker

My Goal

To view metric graphs on the “Activity” Tab

My Issue

Metric graphs on the “Activity” Tab of an Application is very slow to load, it can take a few minutes in some cases, even for single metric graphs like “Issues”.

When I click a link to a metric graph for the Application, I just see the loading icon until the graph is eventually displayed.

The application has 130 component Projects, I have only noticed this issue on the Application, not any of the individual component projects.

This issue exists even when there are no running analysis jobs or pending background tasks

This issue has only popped-up in the last few weeks, this application existed before then with almost the same number of component projects. This issue also does not exist in my dev environment, which has the same application with the same component projects, but is analyzed far less frequently. So perhaps the issue is related to the growing number of analyses?

What I have tried

  1. Updating SonarQube Server - I originally noticed this issue while using version 8.9.6, after updating to 9.9.3 the issue still exists

  2. Upgrading the web server and RDS instances - This also did not help

  • Specifically RDS: t3.medium → t3.large & Web server: cpu: 4096 & memoryLimitMiB: 16GB → cpu: 8192 & memoryLimitMiB: 32GB (I have not tried playing with the ElasticSearch settings)

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Indeed, the page loads all the analyses and associated measures for your project, and that’s the main variable influencing the loading time.
This is exacerbated by this bug that causes analyses to not be purged as much. It has been fixed for the upcoming 10.4 version.
I think you should be able to speed up the loading by specifying start and end dates to limit the number of analyses to fetch.

Let me know if you need additional help.

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