SonarQube 6.7.3 not uploading dashboard and very slow on loading other pages

Suddenly the 6.7.3 SonarQube Community Edition it stopped loading the dashboard (/projects page is empty) and became very slow on loading other pages. The analysis looks like is still working though we can not properly see SonarQube results. Any advice? (tried several things already - increased memory in the Windows server that hosts SonarQube, tried to remove the data/es5 folder - though in this case couldn’t load any page)…

Would an upgrade resolve this issue or is a possibility that the external database (Microsoft SQL server) to be corrupted?
Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you!


I can’t rule out DB corruption from here, but my first guess is a corrupt Elasticsearch index. I see that you’ve already tried forcing that to re-build. Have you checked your browser console to see what - if any - errors are shown there? Also, you might check your server logs.

At the same time, 6.7.3 is old news now. The latest version and current LTS is 7.9.1. There are a lot of cool new features. I urge you to upgrade at your earliest convenience.


Thank you for your reply. Based on some investigation we found out an issue with the DB and has been fixed. We would upgrade to 7.9.1 soon.

Thank you!

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