Sonarqube `issues` page loading very slowly after upgrade database

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  • SonarQube * Developer Edition Version 9.9.2 (build 77730)

  • Helm

  • The issues tab should load as quickly as possible

  • We are using AWS RDS PostgreSQL as the database for our Sonarqube instance. Sonarqube running in an EKS cluster and we deployed the application using Helm. Recently, we upgraded the DB from 13.x to 15.5. The upgrade went well and we didn’t face any issues.

While doing the QA, we noticed that the issues tab is loading very very slowly (after 5+ minutes). The issues count is 41,455. We are not able to see any errors in the sonar logs.

The DB is also performing well ( Memory and connection are fine).

Could someone please guide us, what will be the issue or some hints about the same?

I was also going through the sonar docs and find SonarQube becomes slow after PostgreSQL upgrade. I will try this also

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The issue was fixed once we executed the DB commands mentioned in the doc Upgrade guide

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