We want to be an accessibility ally. Is it working?

We, the SonarQube team, have been working hard in the past releases to make SonarQube more and more accessible by going through audits. We already had a couple of them and believe a good chunk of SonarQube is accessible. And by this, I mean, a lot of our UI elements are accessible.

Now we would like to go a step further and ask people with disabilities to give us feedback on the latest version of SonarQube: 9.9 LTS, since we actually have no real knowledge of how to interact with web pages using accessibility tools.

We would be particularly interested in the flow/user experience of people who are blind, people with low vision, and people with mobility-related disabilities.

Because of the complexity of SonarQube and the world of web development, we would like to specifically ask our community to give us feedback on how you interact with SonarQube.

Would you be able to help us?

Guillaume & the SonarQube team