"We couldn't load any organizations with your key" when importing project from GitHub

Hello SonarQube folks, one of my users is having an issue where they can’t import a project from GitHub. Whenever they try to, they get the following error message: “We couldn’t load any organizations with your key. Contact an administrator.” I need tips as to how to troubleshoot this. I can import projects just fine, but I do have administrator rights. The user has no issues using GitHub.

  • I have created a GitHub app in our GitHub organization and connected it to our SonarQube instance
  • GitHub app - SonarQube connection seems to work: I can import projects from GitHub
  • I’m using SonarQube on docker
  • User has permission to create projects
  • We’re authenticating with SAML against Azure AD in both SQ and GH

Seems like this was some kind of a sync issue, probably slow sync. The issue resolved on its own during the weekend. I haven’t seen a lag like this earlier when adding users.


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