GitHub DevOps Platform Integration Error

Sonarqube Version: Developer Edition, version 9.6.1 (build 59531)

I am trying to configure the “DevOps Platform Integration” to connect to my GitHub org and import repositories. Our org is hosted on, and I have confirmed the configuration is valid:


However, when I try to add a project I receive this error:

“We couldn’t load any organizations with your key.”

Things we have checked:

  1. Reviewed the GitHub app again and verified the following permissions are assigned:

Repository Permissions:
Checks: Read & Write
Repo Metadata: Read-Only
Pull Requests: Read & Write
Commit Statuses: Read-Only

Github Authentication:
Email Addresses: Read-Only

Organization Permissions:
Members: Read-Only
Projects: Read-Only

  1. Reviewed the “DevOps Platform Integrations” configuration page. Although there is a section for the GitHub app at the top, there are also fields to add the same client ID, client secret, API URL, and Org name further down the page. We filled in the details in both sections, but there is no change in the error.

  2. I found one thread where this same error appeared and went away after several hours. It has been a full day and there is no change in the behavior.

  3. Enabled trace logging and replicated the error – I am not seeing any additional details in the logs regarding Github.

Is there any way to get more information on why this error is appearing?


SonarQube 9.6.1 is past EOL. Can you upgrade to either the current LTS, 9.9, or the latest version, 10.0, and see if this is replicable?

Also, did you check the “Learn more” link shown in your screenshot?