We couldn't find any results matching selected criteria where there are bugs in the overviews

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  • SonarQube7.7 Sonar-Scanner4.3
  • I wanna see the bugs detail
  • I rerun many times , the result is the same . in the owerview tab there are 45bugs , but there are zero bugs where i in the issues tab, and tips : We couldn’t find any results matching selected criteria.


A couple of bugs were fixed since the v7.7 and this version is no longer recommended. At minimum you should upgrade to 7.9.x LTS (stable channel) or think about using the latest 8.4.1+ (not the 8.4 because we already know there are some bugs that will be soon fixed).

While you are thinking about upgrading, I would try to re-create the ES indices like this:

  1. Stop SonarQube
  2. Delete the data/es6 directory
  3. Restart SonarQube


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Do you mean this is a bug in version 7.7 ?


I’m not saying this is a bug in 7.7. I’m saying it’s always better to run a supported version of SonarQube to get bug fixes if needed. Here there is a great chance that your problem doesn’t exist in SQ 7.9 LTS so instead of spending time to confirm that, it’s better to upgrade and confirm there is no longer a problem.


Thank you ! this saved me, I did an upgrade from 7.9.2 LTS to 8.9.3 LTS and faced this error. it should probably be a part of the upgrade process guide!