SonarQube reporting issues but displaying "We couldn't find any results matching selected criteria."


We recently had a user that pushed some changes to a new branch and the corresponding sonarqube scan contained “1 New Bug” and “1 New Vulnerabilities”. See the following screenshot:

However, when they click on any of the issues they see the following:

We couldn't find any results matching selected criteria.
Try to change filters to get some results.

Any insight on what might be going on here?

Sonarqube version 8.4.1.


Edit: Fixed formatting issues.

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Other symptoms include certain projects not showing up in search results, and when we favorite a project it does not show up in our favorites.
We have checked the database and the values are present though.
We were wondering if an elasticsearch reindex (deleting sonar/data/es6) would help us.

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we’ve removed the sonar/data/es6/nodes folder and the index is rebuilding, but it is very slow. We are showing 27615 pending tasks, and the rate seems to be one task every 5 minutes. We’re attaching our ce.log showing the log lines every 5 minutes. Is there any way to speed this up? We appreciate any help here. Thank you
sonar_ce.log (15.5 KB)

Is anyone available to help? Unfortunately we haven’t made much progress on why our search is broken and why the Issues tab shows 0 bugs even though the Overview says they exist. Thank you

Hi @jamesdag and @cameronpkeith,

Can you try SonarQube 8.6 and see if you still have this issue?