We cannot see the detailed scanresult, even it display number in overview page

The sonar version we use is * Enterprise Edition

  • Version 9.2.4 (build 50792)

Issue: After trigger sonar scan, it display result “New Vulnerabilities” number as “1” in Overview Page. However, when I click New Vulnerabilities and try to see details, it display nothing.

See attachments.

Could you help me troubleshoot the issue?

Hey there.

You can try wiping the data/es7 folder from your SonarQube installation directory and restarting – often this issue is the result of an elasticsearch index becoming corrupt.

And, your a few versions behind (only the latest version of v9.x is supported at a given time). I would suggest upgrading to v9.5 as well.

You mean delete /opt/sonarqube/data/es7 and its subfolder/contents?

looks like we use helmchart deployment

CHART Version: sonarqube-1.2.5+179

So I assume I can delete the es7 folder and its subcontents from prod, and then delete pod, let pod recreate and restart?

Anything we need takecare or backup before I do above step?

All SonarQube data is stored in the database, so there’s no risk of losing data.

Really thanks for your help. I am trying to do the solution. I will feedback as soon as I got the approval for change.

In addition, I will post another request for sonar enterpise upgrade case.

Thank you

We are trying to delete data/es7, and reboot sonar. The indics were recreated. However, looks like the issue persists.

At the same time, we have a project that display “none” in details page. After deleting es folder and reboot sonar, and then trigger and rescan the project from jenkins, it displays the bug numer from sonar. but when I click the number to see details, it display empty.

After nearly two hours, it finally displays details.

So what is the exact reason? I checked lots of cases complain this behavior. The only solution for us is updated to latest sonar version?

Could you help continue to support the issue, it really blocked us use sonar.