VSCode rule suppression

Hi all,

@Colin_SonarSource suggested I start a discussion here in the community per this VSCode extension epic. I’ll just bring in my comment on the epic here:

I have installed the SonarLint extension for VSCode as a recommendation in an extension pack. I do see the benefit of the code analysis, but I cannot currently find a way to disable some legitimate findings.

For example:
// Typesscript snippet

import { IHookProperties, setDefault } from "ts-log-class";

  hook: (logProps: IHookProperties) => {
    if (logProps.arguments.hasOwnProperty("user")) {
      const user: any = JSON.parse(logProps.arguments.user);
      // @SupressWarnings("all") // NOSONAR // How to suppress this specific error?
      user.password = "[secret]";
      logProps.arguments.user = JSON.stringify(user);
    return JSON.stringify(logProps);
  out: (message?: any, ...optionalParameters: any[]) => {
    Logging.Logger.debug(message, optionalParameters);

In this case I need to suppress the error Credentials should not be hard-coded (typescript:S2068) because one, it is a copy of the object, and two it prevents the password from being printed/logged in my cloud provider. Is there a way to do this? We do not use SonarQube or any server related features, but only this extension within VSCode.

Hello @roustalski

Looks like on the moment there is no easy way to do it. As far as I know the only way to do it to connect to a SonarQube and mark issue as “won’t fix” there.