VSCode - Is there any example how to configure vscode with sonar server?

I just installed this plugin with vs code and configured JRE path, but unable to find any example to configure it with sonar server. On the home page of the plugin I this only “First configure the connection via user settings (SonarLint section), and then bind the project in workspace settings.”.

Please help me out on this.

In your User Settings, filter by sonarlint.connectedMode. It will show the relevant configuration options with examples. And then, when you type the configuration in your user and workspace settings, you can use control-space to get auto-completion help, which helps with typing and also hints at the fields you need to use, such as serverUrl, and others.

Let me know if you need more help.


I am having similar issues as OP. I installed SonarLint 1.4.0 using the .vsix download package. I restarted VS Code, but I am not seeing the additional sonarlint settings (only the default 5 that I had before when using version 1.1.0). When I try to set the sonarlint.connectedMode.servers setting, I get an error message Unknown configuration setting. Is there a way to force reload the configuration settings? I am using VS Code v1.20.1.

SonarLint 1.4.0 requires VS Code 1.23.0. Can you upgrade?

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