Using azuredevops and bitbucket

We have created an organisation and its a paid plan created from a voucher with 1M lines.
The organisation is linked with bitbucket cloud. So by creating a new project we see only repo’s of bitbucket cloud.
We have also repo’s in azure devops. There is a monorepo.

We can’t find a method to create a project that links with the azure devops repo in the same organisation.
The only solution we find is create a new organisation that is linked with azure devops. But then our paid plan by voucher can’t be shared over 2 organisations.

Does any one have a solution?

Hi @klaas

It is correct that a SonarCloud organization is bound to exactly one ALM (one of AzureDevOps, Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub, GitLab) organization. I am taking note of your need so that it may trigger improvements in the future.


Hi, that’s clear.
Is it possible to change this for an organisation?
Because we have activated the paid plan with an voucher. This voucher is for 1M lines.
We have linked bitbucket with just 120.000 lines. We want to link the organisation with Azure devops with 500.000+ lines with the voucher. If that’s possible we don’t have to pay too much for the extra organisation.

Hello @klaas ,

Please get in touch with and provide the coupon that was sent to activate the 1M subscription, so we can review this.

Best regards,