AzureDevOps vs bitbucket integration with sonar cloud

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  • ALM used (Bitbucket Cloud)
  • CI system used (Azure DevOps

We use bitbucket for our source code repository and Azure DevOps for deployment.


  1. We can do the integration with sonar cloud either with AzureDevOps or bitbucket. Is there any advantage of using one over other
  2. Today it’s integrated with AzureDevOps, is it possible to move to bitbucket based migration for the same payment plan.

Hi @martinjosephm

1/ There is no major difference between the features provided by SonarCloud on Azure DevOps and on BitBucket. Features like organization binding, project import and pull request decoration are equivalent on both platforms.

2/ Unfortunately, a SonarCloud organization is bound to a payment plan and to a DevOps platform. If you want to switch from Azure DevOps to BitBucket Cloud, you’ll have to create a new organization on SonarCloud bound to BitBucket, with a new payment plan.

We have a coupon which we used for DevOps integration, so if we switch back to bitbucket, can we re-use the coupon ?

Hi @martinjosephm ,

I invite you to contact the sales person who gave you the coupon, they should be able to answer you precisely on its usage.