[URGENT] Analyzing functions never stops while running sonar scan

Creating this new thread on @Andrea_Guarino’s recommendation

Here are my project details:

  1. I have a multi module java based project
  2. Java 20
  3. Running sonar scan on my machine
  4. Command used: ./mvnw --settings settings.xml -B sonar:sonar -Dsonar.skip=false -Dcodecoverage -Dsonar.token=my_token
  5. Scanner gets stuck at below for several hours:
    [INFO] Reading IR files from: /Users/username/fbg-mono-ts/target/sonar/ir/java
    [INFO] Analyzing 105445 functions to detect bugs.

we did not see this issue until we moved to java 20

When i do add -Dsonar.internal.analysis.dbd=false then it works

Thank you @Jigish_Mehta !

Could you please share with us what SonarQube version are you using?
I will contact you privately to get the files inside /Users/username/fbg-mono-ts/target/sonar/ir/java

We’ve been working on a few performance fixes lately: there are good chances that your problem is fixed in the next version of SonarQube (i.e. 10.4)

I am using sonarqube 9.9.3