Analysis performance decreased due to "javabugs" Sensor

We have actually seen a decrease in performance on our project in the last week.

This appears to be a new sensor that has appeared which wasn’t in previous builds.


Thanks, @Fraser_Hardy for the feedback. This is indeed a new analyzer we added on top of our existing Java analyzer focusing on findings of complex bugs. In order to investigate properly the problem, I moved your post to a dedicated thread. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


We are experiencing cases where the pipeline fails after 60minutes! Before (yesterday) the whole maven build + scan took 6 minutes. This is happening on just one repository.

The pipeline stops here for 60minutes and then breaks for timeout.


Is there a way to disable this sensor?


Yes we’ve seen the same. Our Github Actions usage has also sky rocketed too! All builds over 1 hour now. Ideally we need to just disable this Sensor if we can? I couldn’t see how to do that in the settings though.

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It is similar in our case as well … I also reported this in another thread [URGENT] Analyzing functions never stops

You may use an internal property to disable the new analyzer, its name is sonar.internal.analysis.dbd .
Set it to false to disable the new analyzer.
For example, when calling the mvn command, you can add:



it worked! We have being able to skip the new analyzer and the pipeline completed in standard times.

Is there anything we can do to help you understanding when/why the new scanner hangs in this way?

Thank you,


Hi @Andrea_Migliaccio,
Thanks a lot to help us with the investigation.

  • By any chance, is your repository open source so that we can directly reproduce the performance problem?
  • Could you please share what are the memory settings on your CI machine?
  • If your project is private, could you please share on a private message the generated IR files (i.e. from your screenshot /agent/_work/53/s/target/sonar/ir/java directory)?

Hi Andrea,

unfortunately the repo is private and it also need a private maven artifact repository to be built. The CI machines are VM with 8vCPU and 16gb of RAM.

About the latest, I need to find a way to collect those files before the build agent workspace is cleaned by the pipeline orchestrator. Since we are building in Azure DevOps during the build process. I’ll let you know if whenever I find away to get those files from the problematic build.


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