Upgrading to v6.6 of the C/C++/Objective-C analysis engine

I am wondering how one would “upgrading to v6.6 of the C/C++/Objective-C analysis engine”?

If you are using SonarCloud.io, you have nothing to do. The v6.6 is automatically installed by the SonarCloud Team and you get it when you run your SonarScanner in your CI.
If you are using SonarQube Developer Edition+, you need to ask your local SonarQube administrator to install it through the Marketplace or manually download and install it. If you have some trouble to upgrade, I suggest you to create a dedicated discussion in the “Get Help” section of this forum.

Hi Alexandre,

And what is the ‘plugin’ that should be locate in the Marketplace?

Hi @tcsabina,

the plugin to be updated is SonarCFamily (Code Analyzer for C, C++, Objective-C) .

Ahh okay, it is the scanner…

I thought something new. “Analyses engine” sounds quite techie :).

Anyway, we are still on SQ, so this have to wait…


Hi @tcsabina,

You can update SonarCFamily to 6.6 while being on SQ 8.0, simply by going to the marketplace, no need to update to newer SonarQube to get an analyzer update.

Marketplace does not offer the update.
I know I could manually update the scanner by downloading the .jar file and replace with the existing one, but I would rather wait for the ‘official channel’, aka. when it appears in the Marketplace as available update.

Hi @tcsabina,

I moved your posts to a dedicated topic.

This is strange. I took a clean SonarQube 8.0 and checked and I can see the SonarCFamily 6.6 update available in the marketplace, see the screenshot below:

Hi Massimo,

My bad!
I filtered on ‘Installed’ plugins, so it only showed the current versions.
If I filter on ‘Updates only’, v6.6.0 (build 13759) is showing up!

Thanks for keeping with me on this topic. Appreciate the help!


Hi @tcsabina,

no problem, glad you found it!