Upgrade to Sonarqube version 8.9 from version 7.7 - questions around plugins/quality profile

Hi All,

We are due to upgrade to Sonarqube LTS Version 8.9 from version 7.7 this week and would like to confirm a few points.

  1. is the quality profiles tab in Sonarqube shown as per screenshot the same as the plugins which are now being used in sonarqube 8.9 version as all add-ons are now built into the app? this is shown as per Plugin Version Matrix | SonarQube Docs for add ons?

  1. add-ons not supported in version 8.9 LTS such as FXCOP which is widely used - is there altentative plugins to use for these.



Hi Matthew,

There’s not a 1-to-1 correlation between plugins and languages on the profiles page, even in older version. Not all plugins provide a language, or even - like FxCop - add rules to a language. In recent versions, you’ll find that the natively supported languages are bundled in as libraries and won’t show up as plugins.

Regarding your plugins of interest, for Build Breaker and GitLab auth, the functionality offered by those plugins is now available out of the box. For the rest, you should contact the plugin maintainers.