Upgrade sonarqube to psql without data loss from h2 database

Hi i want upgrade sonarqube db to psql from existing h2 db without any data loss how should i get my h2 data into psql db please need correct way to chnage db withou any data loss from h2 db.

There’s no supported way to migrate the data from the h2 database.


So We have a huge data in existing sonarqube h2 db is any alternative way to get that data backup migration possible

I don´t know if it is works for all versions but I have managed to migrate from H2 to PostgreSQL using 8.9.10 LTS CE version.

What I did was to use Squirrel SQL client and use the Embedded H2 and PostgreSQL drivers and copy the data from one database to the other.

The “trick” for connecting to the Embedded H2 database from Squirrel SQL was to start Sonarqube and connect as follows with the URL



After copying the data, make sure you delete the content under data\es7 (or es8) folder so the indices from ElasticSearch are regenerated