Sonarqube H2 DB data migration to new PSQL DB

Hi currently we are using sonaqube which is running as a docker container version 8.3 with H2 database in our production so we want to upgrade sonarqube to new version and also want to add new psql db so the problem here is we are having a massive amount of data in our production sonar server where we are not able to migrate our data from h2 to psql need a possible solution on this since it is our production environment to avoid data loss.So we are using an open source free sonar.


You need to start from scratch. There’s a big warning on the SonarQube UI explaining that there is no support for migrating your data out of the H2 database…


I have managed to migrate it with version 8.9.10 LTS. I kept the same version in both instances with H2 and PostgreSQL