Data migration out of H2 Database

Dear Community,

I have been using SonarQube version 6.5 for my projects. I had been using the embedded H2 database and hadn’t used a separate database for storing the SonarQube analysis data.

I want to upgrade the version of SonarQube from 6.5 to 7.8 but SonarQube’s UI says I cannot upgrade without losing the data or migrate the data out of the installed SonarQube 6.5 and attach it with the upgraded database later.

How do I upgrade and still be able to save the data somehow? I know the official application says its not supported but is there a hack or something to save the data, as the data is really important.

If there is any possible alternative way for performing the upgradation so that I don’t lose data, please do suggest.


Hi Sid,

You already know the official answer, so I won’t belabor it: you can’t migrate. You need to start over. (And maybe my answer will draw someone out of the woodwork to give you a hack and prove me wrong. Good luck, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…)

Now that that’s out of the way, I need to point out that 7.8 is past EOL. Since you’ll be starting over, you should do so with either 8.9.2, the current LTS, or 9.0.1, the Latest version.


Hi i want upgrade sonarqube db to psql from existing h2 db without any data loss how should i get my h2 data into psql db please need correct way to chnage db withou any data loss from h2 db.