Upgrade Sonarqube 9.9 to 10.0 - k8s environment

Hi, I am going from version 9.9 of SonarQube installed by Helm in a k8s environment to version 10.0, however, I have verified that version 10 is Statefulset, so I believe that I will not be able to migrate the data from version 9.9 (which worked with deployment) to the version 10.0, has anyone gone through this type of migration?

All the data is stored in SonarQube’s database – so as long as you transfer over the configuration to connect to SonarQube’s database, the necessary information will be repopulated in your new installation.

Hi Colin,

You mean that then if I just direct my postgres URL from my sonarqube version 9.9.0 to my sonarqube version 10.0 all my data from sonarqube v 9.9.0 would be in my sonarqube v 10.0?
Please feel free to correct me if I misunderstood your answer.

Yes, that’s correct, making sure you follow the upgrade guide.

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