Upgrade sonarqube 7.9-lts to 9.9-lts in k8's cluster


I have a sonarqube deployment running on a K8’s cluster version (7.9-lts), it’s connected to a postgres db deployment version (9.6.3)
I want to upgrade the existing sonarqube deployment to version 9.9 (LTS) so can you mention the steps that I should follow to make this upgrade without losing projects data.

Hey there.

Take a look at the documentation on Upgrade Guide > Upgrading from the Helm chart as well as the broader Before you upgrade guide which will help you find your migration path (7.9 → 8.9 → 9.9) and point you to other resources.

As long as your DB persists the whole time (make sure you take backups before starting), you shouldn’t lose any data as it’s upgraded through the newer version SonarQube versions connecting to it.