Upgrade Sonar current chart-sonarqube-1.2.5+179/appversion-9.2.4-enterprise to latest


Looks like our current sonar version is a few versions behind (chart-sonarqube-1.2.5+179/appversion-9.2.4-enterprise)

My question is how can we soomthly upgrade our sonar enterprise to latest version (I see the latest version is chart-4.0.2+325/appversion-9.5.0) Below are some questions hope you could help me firstly.

  1. As i see we use sonarqube image tag is 9.2.4-enterprise, I assume if we would like to upgrade, we need use the tag 9.2.5-enterprise, however, I am not sure whether our current 9.2.4-enterprise license also could be used in 9.2.5-enterprise, and no other action need, no need purchase new license?
  2. The sonarqube database instance and database are hosted on cloud, currently we use jdbcOverwrite parameters, I assume after I upgrade chart to chart-4.0.2+325, I only need to modify jdbcOverwrite settings in value.yaml as same with the current configuration, no other action need to do, right?
  3. If the license is not the question, for the upgrade step, I assume i only need to pull the latest chart/appversio of sonarqube/sonarqube, change sonar image version to 9.2.5-enterprise, use the original values and overwrite the value.yaml (jdbcoverwrite and plugin related, etc). Finally to run helm upgrade -f value.yaml sonarqube/sonarqube -n sonarqube.
  4. Any other thing I need consider for sonar upgrade? maybe backup database before upgrade?

Hey there.

  • Upgrades will not invalidate license keys. You can read more about licenses (and actions that will change your Server ID and invalidate the license here)
  • You can find documentation for upgrading SonarQube versions using the helm chart here (as you’ve guessed, it’s as simple as just changing the SonarQube version in your values.yml file and keeping other values the same)
  • You should always perform a backup of your database before upgrading

Finally, it should be noted that 9.2.5 doesn’t exist – you should target 9.5.0 :slight_smile:

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