Upgrade Billing


Ive created an org and trying to upgrade the account so i can use private repos etc. But even after filling in all fields on the billing page, its still saying something “Please fill in all fields before upgrading”

Is there fields in other sections that have to be completed? Im rather at a loss!

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Hi Stephen,

Welcome to the Community Forum!

I just tested and all seems to be working fine. Did you really fill out all the fields?

You should see a green tick next to it if it’s complete/valid:

If you keep having troubles, please send a print screen to contact@sonarcloud.io

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Hi THanks

the sanity check worked… i had filled out the forms… i had forgot i was on my very annoying work laptop that locks down lots of stupid things! one of which apparently stopped this from working. Tried it on my home machine and it worked.


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