Updating from Sonarqube 9.9.x LTS to latest Sonarqube 10.4.1 / 10.5.0


thought it might be good to start a thread for those updating from Sonarqube 9.9.x LTS to latest 10.4.1 / 10.5.0
Others may jump on with their problems / impressions / experiences.

Why didn’t i update from 9.9.x to the latest 10.5 ?
The startup after updating in a test instance needed much more time than before, and i’ve learned to never update to a x.x.0 version :wink:

As usual you need to update the dll related to the jdbc driver for integrated authentication, that’s easy.

After updating from Sonarqube Enterprise 9.9.0 to Sonarqube Enterprise 10.4.1 yesterday

  • we got a lot of new issues for “Unused private field” with projects using Lombok
    guess we were hit by [SONAR-21575] - Jira though there’s also
    this related ticket [SONARJAVA-4178] - Jira
  • developers gave negative feedback to the new web ui - won’t repeat their harsh words here
  • the transition from the old severities to the Clean Code approach is not consistend
    we’re still using a quality gate with the deprecated severities, see this post for all the details
    SQ 10.2 turn off rule severity is a breaking change

Our developers mentioned this problems, you have your dashboard, i.e.


then you click on the notification, issue has CRITICAL

but there are no more filters on the left side for the “old” severities anymore, and if i want to activate new rules i see this


All in all we feel a bit lost in the transition to the successors of the old severities.
It is not consistent and there’s no advisory for migration.
IMO the filters should stay until the old severities are removed finally, right now it feels like “in between” without clear advisory how to migrate.


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