Update Bindings failing with "Analyzers Not Loaded"

Hi Team,

From SonarLint Plugin-IntelliJ- Am not able to update bindings from sonarqube server( recently it is upgraded.
It says javascript, php, kotlin, java, pli, pythn installed on sonarQube versions are not met.

Problem here is SonarQube Server is managed by different team and they are saying
they do not support SonarLint. I was anticipating they would upgrade those versions on server side.
But which is not the case.

In cases where server is not in users control, could you suggest something to get around this issue?
Without this local analysis has become tough.

Thanks & Regards,
Naveen Kundarapu


If the server is using outdated analyzers, there is no point in trying to use connected mode, since you’ll get bad performance in SonarLint anyway.
If the language you want to analyze is part of the default supported by SonarLint in standalone mode, I would suggest using standalone mode.

Thanks for the response Henry. I will try to push the server managing team to upgrade.

Naveen Kundarapu