Unable to rename the Bitbucket Repository in the sonarcloud after changing the repo name in bitbucket


Sonarcloud scan has been broken for all the branches in a project after we renaming the bitbucket repository. Currently the sonarcloud project pointing to old bitbucket url. we are able to rename the project name labels but actual repository url stays same.

It is private project : https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=zeller-dev_component-dbs-api

Could you please help to update the new repo name in the sonarcloud project. We dont want to delete the project as we need to retain the project history.

Greatly Appreciate your help.

Could anyone help on this issue.

Welcome to the community!

Perhaps you are looking for the Administration / Update Key option. This will let you update the key, which is the URL you posted.

Let me know if you still need help!

Hi Janos,

Thanks for the response. I have done the administration/Update key option in sonarcloud when i renamed the bitbucket repository. I am able to rename the project in sonarcloud align with new bitbucket repository as well however the bitbucket url integrated within sonarcloud project redirect to old repository. I want your help to rename the bitbucket url (old url https://bitbucket.org/zeller-dev/component-device-backend-service-api) reference in sonarcloud project to new url (https://bitbucket.org/zeller-dev/component-dbs-api).

Is there any way to export the sonarcloud project.