Bitbucket Metrics Widget Broken Link

  • ALM - Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used - Jenkins
  • Scanner command used -
    withSonarQubeEnv(‘######’) {
    mavenHelper fileId: fileId, options: ‘sonar:sonar’
  • Languages of the repository - Java
  • Error observed
    In bitbucket we have the SonarCloud bound. We enable the repository over widget. Something has changed on 3 of our projects where the project ID in SonarCloud is different than what was originally linked in bitbucket. The current link for example that bitbucket is using end with

The project is actually at

How do I change bitbucket to use the correct project id? The settings in bitbucket just say the project is already bound.

To simplify my question. Basically the bitbucket repo is bound to the wrong sonar project. How do I unbind the one repo and reconnect it to right sonarcloud project?

Hi Chad and welcome to the community!

So if I understand correctly the binding was correct some time ago? Did you do any unusual activity before the problem arise? Like renaming your repos on bitbucket for example?

I’m also wondering how you did the binding of your repos, by importing the Bitbucket repo inside SonarCloud through the SonarCloud UI? Or by using the SonarCloud app settings inside Bitbucket UI?

If you did the latter it should be pretty easy to change the project it’s bound to through the same settings page.

Thanks for the welcome!

And thanks for the response. It turned out that the projects were bound in the wrong org. Having them deleted from the mistaken org in SonarCloud allowed them to be created correctly in the right org.

Ok perfect then! Happy to see you managed to solve the issue!

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