Sonar Cloud binding with Bitbucket Cloud


We’re using SonarCloud with Bitbucket Cloud - and wondering if someone is able to explain why some repositories have automatically bound themselves to projects where-as others have to be manually selected.

i.e. in Bitbucket → Repository Settings → Sonar, some will have “This repository is already bound to a SonarCloud project” and others have a dropdown.

In the latter case this seems to result in other issues such as the overview widget not displaying and branch names not being resolved (in the “Pull Requests” tab within SonarCloud).

All the projects have been setup in the same way and are using the same common tooling to perform scans during main & feature builds, I haven’t yet been able to discern what causes the difference so hoping somebody here knows :slight_smile:

Hey there.

What you’re describing is the difference between bound and unbound projects, which makes me think this isn’t true.

The primary difference here will be whether or not the projects were created by importing a repository, or creating a “manual” project or provisioning the project upon first analysis.

To get a bound project, you need to delete the existing repository and make sure create projects via the repository wizard in SonarCloud.