Renamed private bitbucket repository name, now project doesn't appear and can't set it up again

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We have a repository that we renamed in bitbucket cloud. It does not show up in the list of projects we have set up in Sonarcloud, but when we go to Analyze New Project, Sonarcloud says it is already set up.

We need to “un” set this up so we can start over from scratch, maybe?

Set up new project:

Monosnap Analyze projects 2023-04-19 07-51-44

Search for project:

  • Steps to reproduce
  • Go to Analyze New Project. The project is there and says has been already set up.
  • but go to list of projects, the project can’t be found.
  • Potential workaround


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We resolved this. We went to the URL directly using the old repo name (e.g. SonarCloud), were able to delete it there, and then we could set up the renamed repo as a new sonarcloud project.

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