How do I rename a project in SonarCloud?

Previously I had the option of changing the project’s display name (not the key) and now I can’t seem to find it - not in the project management, not on the project settings and not via the project “home page”…

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Hi Roy,

The projects are tied to the ALM and if you change the name there it should replicate in SonarCloud. Can you give it a try?

What do you mean by ALM?

I mean GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps or BitBucket.

The project is tied to Bitbucket but the bitbucket name is different than the SonarCloud name - I actually want the SonarCloud name to be similar to the Bitbucket name but I can’t change the Bitbucket name…

BTW I did try changing the name in Bitbucket temporarily and then switched it back - didn’t help… And I can’t seem to un-tie the connection once set…

I had previously tested only with GitHub. I tested now with Bitbucket and you are right, changing it there does not update in SonarCloud. We created a ticket to fix this, thank you for bringing it up.

is there any update on this issue. we have all the PR scanning failed after renaming bitbucket repository name.

I have open topic for sonar project renaming issues but no one respond to it… we are able to rename the project in sonarcloud as well but the url pointing to bitbucket didnt change so all the PR scan fails.any help appreciated.

Yes, any update for this fix?

This also makes the hyperlink from Sonar Cloud to bitbucket broken as they are no longer matching.

Hi @LuisM, any news on that? It’s now already about one and a half years later after identifying that problem. Would be great if this issue will get finally solved.

This is a game breaker bug for us, because it makes the visibility really hard between bitbucket and sonarcloud. So if this is not getting fixed, we will move to embold.

I use 8.9.8 LTS.
a workaroud I tried ok:
manually modify the database, PROJECTS table.