Unable to open SonarQube in web-browser

I am trying to integrate SonarQube and Jenkins, for which I have installed both these tools on my remote desktop. Everything is working fine, the build is successful when I run the SonarQube analysis in Jenkins, but I am not able to open the Sonar dashboard at http://<myipaddress>:port from my windows (local) machine. When the build is successful in Jenkins, it gives me a URL so as to browse the Analysis report but this URL gives me ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.
Options I have tried so far:

  1. setting sonar.web.host= in sonar properties file.
  2. Added my port in firewall
  3. Disabled proxy settings

It will be of great help if anyone can guide me through this. I am not quite able to figure out how to open SonarQube’s dashboard in my local machine through a web browser (Don’t have any sonarqube setup in local), while it has been installed at a remote machine. Thank you in advance!