Not able to access sonarqube from the browser (Chrome and Microsoft edge)

I have installed and configured a sonarqube server and is shows as up and running. However, when I try to connect to the browser public_ip:9000 I get the following error

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
I checked the web.log and found that the server failed to connect to the postgres database.
I installed and configured using aws ubuntu t2-miedium test environment. I do not know how to resolve the issue. Please, help

Hey there.

It sounds like a network connectivity (firewall, for example) issue rather than a SonarQube issue.

Does a simple ping to the IP address work?

I did not try pinging the IP, however, I checked the firewall and my browsers are added exceptions. In addition I could access Jenkins and Tomcat servers created from the same computer and AWS account.
Thank you

I just re-read your initial post.

That sounds like a good reason for SonarQube not to start.

Where do you see it’s up and running?

I see it as up and running from my git bash terminal/consol.
However, I have resolved the issue.
In the file I was not using the correct name of my data base.
Thank you very much Colin for the help in trouble shooting this issue and your time.

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