Unable to log in or create new account

We use our Azure DevOps accounts to log in to SonarCloud, however one of our users cannot log in.

He gets a message saying “You can’t signup because login ‘xxxxxx’ is already used by an existing user.”

This is true, and he’s already been added to our members list in SonarCloud, however he can’t log in. It keeps trying to ‘sign up’, even though he has an account. He can’t log in to delete his account or anything, and reaching out to SonarCloud directly has been fruitless. Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions on how to resolve? Thank you!


Hey @jasonhun

The issue should now be resolved and this user should be able to login. Can you confirm?

Thanks Colin. He was able to get in after his account was deleted. However, I have another use with the same issue. Can you also delete brian-wilkes18510 ?




His issue should be resolved.